Write For us!

Here at Rugby College, we aim to bring you the ┬álatest and the best Rugby News. We cover all disciplines of the game, and we don’t mind if your a League or Union person. We publish articles that cover all areas, from grass roots, up to the top international flights of rugby.

However, we miss alot of what is happening in the world of Rugby. We can’t get news feeds for every single game, of every single team, for every weekend, although we would love to. So that is where you come in. If you can write, and put together a 500 to 800 summary of a game, team, or even training techniques, then we want you!

In return, we will publish your article (if it passes editorial standards), and allow you to create a little bio about yourself. This can include a link to your website (if you have one), or even your clubs site.

What we are looking for:

  • Articles 500 words and up. We will accept shorter, if it is clear that 500 words would just be to much.
  • Good, quality, unique content.
  • If writing about a game, keep it impartial (We all love our teams, but match reports really should be impartial).
  • Pictures can be added, but aren’t essential.
  • All articles must be Rugby related.

Think you could do it, or know someone who could? Great, send us an email to admin@rugbycollege.co.uk stating that you’d like to write for us. We will then create you an author account, so you can log in and begin writing immediately.

A few notes:

  • We do not purge our posts on the site, meaning that once posted, your article will be there for as long as the website is here. So if your looking for a future in sports reporting etc, you will have links to show prospective employers etc.
  • We do check all matches to make sure reported scores, and scorers are correct.
  • Any abuse of the system, may lead to your authors account being suspended.
  • For reports of weekend games, we like to have these in my Tuesday night at the latest.