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Rugby World Cup 2015 Tickets: How and Where to Buy, England, Wales, Ireland …

Rugby World Cup

Next year’s Rugby World Cup takes place in England and Wales, and on 12 September, tickets will go on ubiquitous sale to rugby fans around a world.

England’s immature organisation will lift high expectations into an impossibly wily organisation that pits them opposite Australia, Wales, Fiji and a play-off winner, with only dual teams going by to a knockout stages.

Ireland, meanwhile, have a somewhat easier pursuit opposite Six Nations foes Italy and France as good as Canada and Romania, while Scotland will face South Africa, Samoa, Japan and a USA.

Below is all a information you’ll need to get your tickets…

How Where To Buy

Tickets go on sale on 12 Sep during 10am until 29 Sep though before any income changes hands, we have to set adult an comment with a central Rugby World Cup website and request for a tickets we want. You can set adult your comment here.

Applications will not be supposed or denied on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instead, they will be entered into a list with successful applications being postulated tickets. Tickets left over will be put into a real-time, some-more normal sale in November.

Mike Brown


Adult tickets start during £15 and work their approach by to a Category A sheet cost of £715 for a final during Twickenham Stadium. However, those £15 tickets are for games a infancy of fans won’t be meddlesome in, so next we have listed a cost categories for any of a home nations.

England Ticket Prices

England v Fiji (18 Sep), England v Wales (26 Sep) and England v Australia (3 Oct)
Category A – £315
Category B – £215
Category C – £160 (Child – £15)
Category D – £75 (Child – £15)

England v Play-Off Winner (10 Oct)
Category A – £250
Category B – £175
Category C – £125 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Wales Ticket Prices

Wales v Play-off Winner (20 Sep) and Wales v Fiji (1 Oct)
Category A – £175
Category B – £125
Category C – £85 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Wales v England (26 Sep)
Category A – £315
Category B – £215
Category C – £160 (Child – £15)
Category D – £75 (Child – £15)

Wales v Australia (10 Oct)
Category A – £250
Category B – £175
Category C – £125 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Brian O'Driscoll

Ireland Ticket Prices

Ireland v Canada (19 Sep), Ireland v Romania (27 Sep) and Ireland v Italy (4 Oct)
Category A – £175
Category B – £125
Category C – £85 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Ireland v France (11 Oct)
Category A – £250
Category B – £175
Category C – £125 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Scotland Ticket Prices

Scotland v Japan (23 Sep), Scotland v USA
(27 Sep)
Category A – £85
Category B – £65
Category C – £35 (Child – £15)
Category D – £20 (Child – £15)


Scotland v South Africa (3 Oct)
Category A – £175
Category B – £125
Category C – £85 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Scotland v Samoa (10 Oct)
Category A – £150
Category B – £115
Category C – £75 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Knockout Rounds

Quarter Finals (17 18 Oct)
Category A – £250
Category B – £215
Category C – £150 (Child – n/a)
Category D – £95 (Child – n/a)

Semi Finals (24 25 Oct)
Category A – £515
Category B – £315
Category C – £215 (Child – n/a)
Category D – £125 (Child – n/a)

Bronze Final (30 Oct)
Category A – £175
Category B – £125
Category C – £85 (Child – £15)
Category D – £50 (Child – £15)

Final (31 Oct)
Category A – £715
Category B – £515
Category C – £315 (Child – n/a)
Category D – £150 (Child – n/a)

The Full Fixture List and Price Structure

Rugby World Cup

Alternatively, let Lawrence Dallaglio explain it all.

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Welsh rugby: Andy Howell asks can regions follow Leinster by competing with …

New sponsor, new TV broadcaster, new Europe. new buzz… though a same aged emanate of attendances not assembly a barometer set by David Moffett entirely 11 years ago.

The initial weekend of the Guinness Pro12 saw some scintillating rugby, a bolt of gorgeous tries and fearsome brazen play. Pretty many to a person, a pundits were intemperate in their plaudits.

Yet notwithstanding a hype, that was entirely fit given a movement on a margin of play, one emanate still needs to be resolved. How do a Welsh regions get a open to opinion with their feet by attracting them by a turnstiles?

When a Blues, Ospreys, Scarlets and Dragons were initial shaped in a summer of 2003, afterwards Welsh Rugby Union arch executive Moffett gave them a aim of attracting an normal home embankment of 8,000.

David Moffett set some receptive targets for a regions


Last season, usually a Blues met that figure, averaging 8,212. The Ospreys, Wales’ many successful region, dipped subsequent it for a second debate in a row, a Scarlets crashed, while a Dragons have never been remotely close.

Ironically, they indeed bucked a descending attendances trend by recording their top normal embankment of 6,201 during 2013-14… though that was still approach off Moffett’s mantra.

Lyn Jones’ group accommodate a Ospreys in a initial informal derby compare of a season, though will even that domestic dust-up mangle a 8,000 barrier?

Poor crowds to flog off a season

It’s early days in a new Guinness Pro12, though let’s usually contend a regions will be anticipating a opening weekend doesn’t turn a pointer of a times with regards to home crowds.

The Scarlets were concerned in a 32-32 thriller with Ulster final Saturday and will have been anticipating for some-more than a 6,531 who incited adult in Llanelli.


When we cruise it was a reversion to a good aged days, an out-of-date Saturday afternoon kick-off, with no human TV coverage and dual genuinely-decent sides on show, we do have to ask what some-more do people want?

The Ospreys, who have won a fasten a record 4 times and have so been successful on a pitch, thumped Treviso during a Liberty Stadium on Friday night, though their embankment was usually 6,213.

They have mislaid their Galacticos and there aren’t so many star turns for a open to follow during a Ospreys, though a hierarchy there will know there is copiousness of work to do in sequence to re-engage with a open and, as an comprehensive minimum, accommodate Moffett’s settled target.

The Blues horde Glasgow this weekend in what is potentially a rip-roarer. But what will a throng be for that one?

The money-men will positively be examination with seductiveness and hoping, as a deteriorate progresses, there is an upswing in interest.

So given are a Welsh regions struggling to attract a numbers? Well, there are a horde of reasons.

Watch: Our group plead crowds in Focus on Rugby

Video loading


The sour domestic quarrel between a regions and a WRU, and a exodus of Wales stars like Jamie Roberts, George North, James Hook, Dan Lydiate and Luke Charteris to clubs in France and England, has clearly had an impact.

The credit of a Celtic League, with teams putting out so many second-string players, has adult to now been called into question. Yet this is a contest that has supposing a bulk of Six Nations and European success in new times, not to discuss Lions XV dominance.

Some rugby fans, still unfortunate during a demeanour in that Moffett finished a age-old bar diversion here, simply will not buy into informal rugby. Can they be won over? What work do a regions still need to do in sequence to grasp that?

Cardiff City and Swansea City success

Then we have a unprecedented new success of Cardiff City and Swansea City, any reaching a Premier League and so attracting many of a floating voters.

If you’ve got a choice of Ospreys v Connacht or Swansea contra Manchester United, that one are we going to choose?


Yet rugby is a inhabitant sport, not football. Just demeanour during what happens any time Warren Gatland’s Wales play.

While a informal diversion has struggled in Wales, it’s positively drifting in Ireland, with their large 3 provinces of Leinster, Munster and Ulster thriving.

This is a unusual fact, though Munster and Ulster any drew in some-more fans than a Scarlets and Dragons total final season.

Here’s another unusual fact. Leinster’s normal embankment of 21,081 was usually 43 reduce than that of a Ospreys, Scarlets and Dragons combined.

With a WRU carrying reached agreement with a regions, and a new hum surrounding this season, it’s a watershed impulse in Welsh rugby.

Qualification for Europe will be some-more competitive, with Wales, Ireland, Italy and Scotland any being guaranteed usually one involuntary place. Surely that means full-on matches, fireworks… and bigger crowds.




The Blues reason a best normal home assemblage of a informal era, 15,108, when they reached a semi-final of Europe’s Heineken Cup in 2008-09.

That figure includes matches staged opposite Gloucester and Toulouse during a Millennium Stadium, though not a 40,000-plus who attended a semi-final with Leicester, given it was classed as a “neutral” venue.

That year, David Young’s group ran amok opposite Gloucester in a Anglo-Welsh Cup final during English rugby’s Twickenham domicile and kick Jonny Wilkinson’s star-studded Toulon to lift Europe’s second-tier Amlin Challenge Cup a following campaign.

But relocating to Cardiff City Stadium backfired and they changed behind to a Arms Park on a permanent basement dual years ago.

Crowds rose during Phil Davies’ initial deteriorate as coach, their normal embankment going adult from 7,261 in 2011-12 to 8,397 a following deteriorate before dipping to 8,212 final reign – still some-more than a 2002-03 deteriorate when Cardiff, as a bar side, drew a 7,000 normal home attendance.

Last season’s dump came on a behind of bad results, with a miss of success costing Davies his pursuit before a finish of a campaign.

With former New Zealand harlot Mark Hammett, who was manager of a Wellington-based Hurricanes Super 15 team, now in assign and a bolt of high-quality signings, that embody Adam Jones and a Waikato-based Chiefs star Gareth Anscombe, many is approaching of a Blues this time around.


Since finishing a warn third in a initial fasten debate of 2003-04, underneath a shrewd superintendence of Mike Ruddock, and fourth a following season, they have finished subsequent to zero given reaching a semi-final of a Amlin Challenge Cup 7 years ago.

The Dragons never got to a knockout theatre of a Heineken Cup and subsequent reign are again in Europe’s new second-tier contest – a Blues fasten them underneath a restructure that has taken place – for a fifth debate given entrance into existence.

Nevertheless, they have bucked a trend over a final dual seasons, with their normal embankment carrying damaged a 6,000 separator for a initial time as it has left adult to 6,201 in all competitions – Europe, Pro12 and Anglo-Welsh.

That figure is aloft than a 6,120 normal claimed by Newport during a final deteriorate of veteran bar rugby in 2002-03.

Having a maverick, though respected, Lyn Jones, who has been Wales’ many successful manager of a informal epoch with 3 trophies during his time during a Ospreys, and Kingsley Jones during a helm has helped them enormously, notwithstanding formula dropping off as final deteriorate went on.

The signings of former Wales and Lions full-back Lee Byrne, Ian Gough, Aled Brew, Stormers Super 15 column Brok Harris and a bolt of others, has increasing Dragons’ strength in depth.

With a new state of a art training bottom during Ystrad Mynach and carrying played a accessible opposite English champions Northampton Saints during Ebbw Vale, there’s a clarity they are finally prepared to welcome all of Gwent.

There could be a swell of goodwill towards them during a start of a debate and, if formula follow, attendances could stand serve from a 5,288 a Dragons managed in a initial deteriorate underneath Ruddock’s tenure.



They have been Wales’ many successful region, lifting a Pro12 pretension a record 4 times, demolishing Leicester during Twickenham when a Anglo-Welsh Cup was contested by full-strength teams and providing a core of a Wales group that has won 3 Grand Slams and reached a World Cup semi-final.

Their best normal embankment was 10,227 in 2008-09, entrance on a behind of a fasten title, a European quarter-final and braggadocio some of a world’s many apparent rugby faces, with Shane Williams, Justin Marshall, Jerry Collins, James Hook, Gavin Henson, Ryan Jones, Adam Jones and Tommy Bowe among those who have been on their books.

The Ospreys had an normal embankment of 8,910 during a 2012-13 campaign, entrance on a behind of a pretentious Pro12 final delight over afterwards Heineken kings Leinster in Dublin, and an unusual value-for-money season-ticket deal.

But they have given unsuccessful to validate for a fasten play-offs or a knock-out theatre in Europe and their normal embankment dipped final deteriorate to 7,706.

More big-name departures have occurred, with Adam Jones carrying assimilated a Blues, Richard Hibbard withdrawal for Gloucester, and Ryan Jones and Matthew Morgan going to Bristol, lifting concerns about their competitiveness.

That said, their normal is improved than a total Neath (4,594) and Swansea (2,775) total in a final year of bar rugby.


The Scarlets won a initial Celtic League in 2003-04, were a initial segment to strech an Anglo-Welsh final, losing during London Wasps, and a initial to post an normal embankment in additional of 9,000.

They were Wales’ best-supported group in 2011-12, with an normal of 9,655.

But they forsaken to 7,772 in 2012-13 notwithstanding being a usually group from Wales to strech a Pro12 play-offs.

On a behind of what was a successful campaign, we would have approaching their attendances to have possibly left adult or hold organisation final season, though they fell to 7,217.

They lacked coherence on a pitch, with dual peppery matches opposite English large guns Harlequins in Europe being overshadowed by a series of common performances.

It’s hoped a attainment of New Zealander Wayne Pivac, who has coached Fiji, as inheritor to Ireland-bound Simon Easterby competence have a certain effect.


There’s a new brush unconditional Welsh rugby, with a Blues and Scarlets carrying new conduct coaches in Kiwis Hammett and Pivac and new aptness regimes in place opposite a board.

That’s expected to outcome in a some-more sparkling and faster Super 15 character of rugby given we can’t censor from a fact there’s been some dour, conservative, unambitious and uninspiring transport from Welsh member in a Pro12.

Hopefully, a shoots of liberation will grow this deteriorate with a subsequent step for a WRU and a regions being a accordant bid to move a Welsh exiles home.

When we demeanour behind during past attendances in Wales, and a multiplying of a Irish, a thing that is glaringly apparent is that large crowds come on a behind of on-field success.

That’s given Leinster’s normal home embankment in competitions rose to 20,782 in 2012-13 and 21,081 final season.

Their figure of 28,137 in Europe final reign is aloft than a series of Premier League football sides, including Swansea City.

Moffett’s 8,000 benchmark for a regions is approach subsequent that.


Can a 4 strech a aim this season? Discuss Andy’s commentary with us on Facebook

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Wales Rugby Union initial twin contracts could be sealed in subsequent 4 weeks

Warren Gatland hopes Wales’ initial dual-contracted players could be sealed adult during a subsequent “three or 4 weeks”.

A series of Test stars are set to coop deals that will be saved by a Welsh Rugby Union and Wales’ 4 veteran informal teams.

The beginning is partial of a new six-year agreement recently thrashed out between a WRU and regions following months of mostly sour in-fighting.

An annual pot of £3.3million will account inhabitant actor contracts, with a WRU creation a 60 per cent grant and regions 40 per cent.

Wales captain Sam Warburton has already been changed from a executive agreement to a twin one, while colleagues who pointer twin deals could embody a likes of Alun-Wyn Jones, Gethin Jenkins, Taulupe Faletau, Alex Cuthbert and Dan Biggar.

WATCH: Warren Gatland on a assent understanding and Gatland’s Law


Wales manager Gatland pronounced yesterday: “We have put a list together and we have to benefaction that to a PRGB (Professional Regional Game Board) about intensity players we are meddlesome in.

“We have got a calculable volume of money. Hopefully, we can get between 10 and 15 players to be on those twin contracts and for a players to be vehement about being on them.

“The income is there, it is entrance from a same pot, it’s usually how it’s being widespread out. Hopefully, in a subsequent 3 or 4 weeks we will get players sealed on a inhabitant twin contract.

“For them, they will have a certainty of where they are going to be a subsequent twin or 3 years or whatever, and what is compared with carrying a twin contract.

“The players we are looking during for twin contracts are already in contract. They are already sealed adult to their clubs, so they are sincerely secure.”

Wales have suffered some-more than many during new seasons with heading players – such as Jamie Roberts, Jonathan Davies, Leigh Halfpenny, George North and Dan Lydiate – opting to manipulate their trade in France and England.

Dan Biggar could be one actor offering a twin contract.
Dan Biggar could be one actor offering a twin contract.


But Gatland is assured a introduction of twin contracts could beget a retreat of that marketplace trend.

“I can know because players wish to go to France for a brief duration and knowledge life out there – twin or 3 seasons,” he added.

“Money has been a pushing factor, though afterwards they have realised that personification in a good side and being happy, hopefully have good coaching and longevity of career, that a lot of other factors come into play about creation those decisions.

“I consider we will hopefully see, over a subsequent integrate of seasons, a series of players returning from France.

“We are singular by a volume of income we have got. We usually have a calculable amount, and possibly, a series will go down.

“Most rugby contracts, unfortunately, don’t tend to go down, they tend to go up, so we will substantially finish adult with reduction players on twin contracts.

“But we never know, with new TV deals and sponsorship, there competence be some-more income to go into that pot to attract players.

“We have got to be wakeful of that over a subsequent few weeks, when we do those twin contracts, to potentially leave some income there to try and attract one or twin players behind from abroad subsequent season.”

Gatland suggested Wales’ preparations for a World Cup subsequent year are set to embody training camps in Switzerland and Qatar.

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Ex-Wales captain Michael Owen says residency manners are ‘joke’

Rules permitting rugby players to paint another republic by residency are “a joke”, according to ex-Wales captain Michael Owen.

His comments come dual days after

Ospreys sealed South African De Kock Steenkamp

who could play for Wales after a three-year residency period.

“They have to change a eligibility rules, it’s a joke,” Owen, 33, tweeted.

He also told BBC Radio Wales: “I lay a censure during a doorway of a administrators.”

Steenkamp, 22, will arrive during Liberty Stadium in late Sep to accelerate a container that has mislaid dual Wales British and Irish Lions in Ian Evans and Ryan Jones.

Another South African,

Rynier Bernardo, 23,

is their other time-serving player.

Scarlets also have dual South African thatch in Johan Snyman and George Earle, who are one year into their residency period.

Each segment is authorised to partisan 8 non-Welsh competent players though dual of them contingency be means to validate for Wales on residency.

Rynier Bernardo

Rynier Bernardo could play for Wales after 3 years as an Osprey

Owen, who jointly led Wales to a 2005 Six Nations Grand Slam following damage progressing in a contest to Gareth Thomas, is unfortunate with a International Rugby Board [IRB] manners that concede such a scenario.

“I haven’t got anything opposite any of a people who are doing it or a clubs for doing it or exploring a judgment and [Wales coach] Warren Gatland and all like that – we totally know since he would do it; since it gives we a improved possibility of winning and of being as good as we presumably can be,” he said.

“But we lay a censure during a doorway of a administrators, a IRB and everything, since it seems flattering inexpensive to me to be means to only come to a country, live there for 3 years and only be a veteran rugby player.”

The former Pontypridd, Dragons and Saracens actor has no emanate with foreign-born players seeking to switch countries if they have grand-parental or parental links though questions those holding a residency route.

“He’s not creation any genuine sacrifices or any genuine joining to a country. You’re only entrance there to be a veteran rugby player,” he said.

“And we can’t see how it’s possibly for general rugby to concede people to do that.”

He combined that a residency complement was “grossly unfair”.

“It only means if you’re a richest republic or whatever, we might as good only partisan as many players as we can and it undermines a things that’s going on in a academies and things like that,” he said.

“It’s totally opposite a ethos of general rugby.”

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Rugby – Wales exhibit training stay plans

Wales manager Warren Gatland reliable a skeleton during a launch of a new partnership between a Welsh Rugby Union and Mercedes-Benz South Wales on Wednesday that will see cars supposing to coaches, players and staff until 2018.

The camps are set to take place forward of Wales’ World Cup warm-up games subsequent summer.

“We have got a high-altitude stay in Switzerland, that is being planned, and we are doing a comfortable continue stay in Qatar,” Gatland said.

“I consider we have got 12-14 days in Switzerland. We are going to nap high, sight low, going adult by wire automobile to sleep.

“We have had that formulation in place for a final 3 months or so and have prepared for all that.

“The thing with a altitude training is not so most that we sight during it, it’s only a physiological advantages we get from it.

“The plea is doing that in Switzerland during altitude and also during 45-50 degrees centigrade in Qatar.”

Under a understanding with Mercedes, a sum of 89 new cars will be distributed via a WRU’s workforce, including to Gatland and his coaching assistants Rob Howley, Robin McBryde, Shaun Edwards and Neil Jenkins.

“This is a latest new sponsorship agreement for a WRU Group, following on from a proclamation of a new general transport partner final month,” WRU arch executive Roger Lewis said.

“This is maybe an suitable time for us to simulate on a high value of a WRU code itself in a tellurian market-place.”

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Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets: Nine games to watch out for when deliberation …

Ireland v Italy (Olympic Stadium, Oct 4)
These dual sides know any other good from their annual encounters in a Six
Nations. Italy cumulative a singular feat in Rome final year and skipper Sergio
Parisse will be anticipating to means another dissapoint in what could be his last
Rugby World Cup. It promises to be a many rival of a Olympic
Stadium’s 5 matches.

South Africa v USA (Olympic Stadium, Oct 7)
There is a famous YouTube video from when these sides met in 2007. It involves
an different American, Takudzwa Ngwenya, violence mythological Springboks winger
Bryan Habana in a feet competition to measure a try of a tournament. What do
America have adult their sleeves this time? They have Saracens’ drifting wing
Chris Wyles for starters.

Namibia v Georgia (Sandy Park, Oct 7)
Can Namibia secure their first-ever feat during a Rugby World Cup? This is
their chance. The talismanic Jacques Burger, a all-action and
straggly-haired Saracens flanker who was named in a tip 5 players of
a 2011 tournament, will be unfortunate to finish his country’s run of 15
true defeats.

New Zealand v Tonga (St James’ Park, Oct 9)
The adversary between a All Blacks and their Pacific island cousins runs deep.
New Zealand are famous for poaching a hottest immature talent, Charles Piutau
being a latest actor of Tongan skirmish to lift on a black jersey, so
design him to be a noted man.

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Welsh rugby tells women "Your nation needs you"

6:21pm, Mon 8 Sep 2014

Last updated Mon 8 Sep 2014

  • Sport
  • Wales

Welsh Rugby Union says it’s withdrawal no mill unturned to unearth some dark gems to play for a women’s game.

Wales women's rugby
England’s Victoria Fleetwood tackled by Wales’ Jamie Kift in a Six Nations match. Credit: PA

Along with Sports Wales a WRU is promulgation out an open invitation to sportswomen to attend a Talent Identification eventuality during a National Centre of Excellence on Saturday, Sep 27th. At a finish of a day’s action, everybody will be given “a pathway” to continue personification if they wished.

Women's Rugby
Wales Women’s captain Rachel Taylor will be on palm to mark talent. Credit: PA

I would titillate anyone with a sporting credentials to go along and attend. There will be speed and lively tests along with particular and group tasks so there is something for everybody to have a go at.

– Rachel Taylor, Wales Women’s captain

Wales recently available their best ever fixation in a Women’s Rugby World Cup with eighth place. Click here for some-more details.

Gareth Bale

Litmus exam for Wales’ in initial Euro 2016 qualifier

Wales captain Ashley Williams believes a time is right for Chris Coleman’s players to attain where others have failed.

about 1 hour ago

Mark Renshaw celebrating his win

Tour of Britain continues in Wales for third stage

The Tour of Britain will start another Welsh theatre of a foe currently with cyclists…

about 3 hours ago