House Clearance Cost

Whenever we talk to new and prospective clients, it seems that there are 2 things that are on there mind for any clearance. How much, and how long will it take. The second question is quite easy to answer, and depends mainly on how much has to be removed. The first question though, concerning the cost, is alot more difficult to give a standard price to, as there are so many factors to it. We’ll use this article to look at a few of those issues that affect the pricing, and why it can vary so much from one house to the next.

  1. Location
    The location of where the property is usually isn’t an issue, however the issue comes when the property to be cleared is located away from where the van / lorry can be parked. It may be that the property to be cleared is on the 3rd floor of a block of flats, or that the nearest road access is 30 metres and 25 steps away.
    The further away, and more difficult it is to get from the property to the van, with all the items that need to be cleared, the more it will cost.
    However, properties that have a drive that comes right up to the front door, are more favoured, as it is less labour intensive.
  2. Quantity
    How much needs to be removed can really effect the price of a clearance. If the property was previously used by a hoarder, who piled everything, everything, it will cost more to clear. This also applies to places that aren’t hoarders, but they have alot that needs to be removed.
  3. Cleanliness
    If a property is clean and tidy, it can be a quick easy clearance, however there are many properties we clear that are not. This can be dirty form just not being cleaned, animal allowed to roam free, rodents, water leaks and much more. Some properties we have to get kitted up in protective suits before we start the clearance. This of course adds to cost. It also dosen’t help if anything that can be donated or re-used has to have a good clean before it can be passed on.
  4. Packing
    Packing takes time, and many properties we clear need to be packed before we clear. This is something that takes time. Even a small kitchen can take an hour to empty and pack all the cupboards. The more packing that needs doing, the more it will cost, due to the labour costs.
  5. Resale Value
    Many of the items removed on a house clearance Hampshire can be re-used again. This may mean that they are donated to a charity, or that they are sold on. The resale value of these should be taken into account when clearing a property. However, you should be aware that once an item has been removed, it then has to be stored, cleaned, advertised, and then either have someone on standby for the buyer to collect, or someone to post it out. This all takes time and costs money.

We hope this helps to explain why it is so difficult to give a standard price for any house clearance. Whenever we are asked, we normally provide a price range that is normally a difference of several hundred pounds. To give a standard price is unfair on the customer (point 5 above), and difficult for the supply company.

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