Harry to play wheelchair rugby

Prince Harry will take centre theatre in a Invictus Games currently as he joins stars of foe and party for an muster wheelchair rugby match.

Harry will line adult alongside Olympians Dame Kelly Holmes and Denise Lewis, as good as his cousin Zara Phillips and her Rugby World Cup-winning father Mike Tindall, and associate England rugby actor Jason Robinson for a compare during a Copper Box Arena this evening.

Rugby fable Jonny Wilkinson and former England rugby manager Sir Clive Woodward will close horns as managers for any group in a competition, that will see a stars line adult alongside wounded, harmed and ill servicemen and women.

The compare is partial of a initial Invictus Games, championed by Harry, that sees 400 competitors from 13 nations go head-to-head in 9 opposite adaptive sports over 4 days.

Yesterday, as he watched a movement during a Lee Valley Athletic Centre in London, Harry pronounced he was “thrilled” by a initial day, that saw Britain’s draining warriors win a purchase of bullion medals.

The sporting philharmonic continues currently with archery and wheelchair rugby competitions, though one of a highlights is a star-studded muster wheelchair rugby match, that will be featured on a BBC’s One Show.

Olympic china medallist Phillips said: “I have seen wheelchair rugby being played before though we haven’t played. we can’t suppose I’m going to be really good during it, though apparently we’ll move a A-game!

“I’m looking brazen to being partial of an extraordinary Games. Having servicemen and women from all over a creation come together and contest in foe is going to be fantastic.”

Dame Kelly added: “As an ex-military soldier, I’m intensely celebrated to be partial of a Invictus Games.

“I have measureless indebtedness for all these servicemen and women who have served their country.”

Yesterday Harry was assimilated by a Duke of Cambridge and his father a Prince of Wales during a opening day of a Games, dogmatic he was “thrilled” by a approach it had gone.

By a finish of a initial day of a four-day Games, Britain had won 15 bullion medals, 7 china and 6 bronze though were trailing to group US who had won some-more than 70 medals.

Wheelchair racer Joseph Townsend, a former stately marine, claimed 4 victories on a lane in a 100m, 200m, 400m and 1,500m. He was dubbed by Harry as “our David Weir, a award machine”, comparing a ex-serviceman to a contestant who won 3 bullion medals during a Paralympics.

Former Army captain David Henson, British Armed Forces group captain, who was cheered by a overjoyed spectators as he won a 200m gold, declared: “It’s been an romantic day”.

The bullion rush began when Alex Tate, 24, who mislaid his left leg when he was blown adult in Afghanistan in 2012, crossed a finishing line initial in a 100m competition and after described a Games as a “best reconstruction any infantryman could have”.

Double bullion Andy Grant, 26, who triumphed in a 400m and 1,500m races for competitors who have mislaid limbs next a knee, said: “I don’t consider there is anything some-more moving than saying a man who dual years ago was fibbing in a embankment in Afghanistan draining to death, and now he is using 100m in Paralympic time.”

Article source: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/harry-play-wheelchair-rugby-015937713.html

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