Junior rugby joining turn up

Junior rugby joining turn up

Junior rugby joining turn up

Crosfields u13 10 Blackbrook u13 16

A FANTASTIC group opening was not adequate to secure a place in a subsequent turn of a Lancashire Cup notwithstanding tries from Amir Hajri and Ryan Orr.

Rylands Tiger Sharks u9 20 Leyland Warriors u9 4

SHARKS available another home win to extend their dominant run to 5 in a quarrel with tries from Ryan Brown, Harry Lears, Clayton Crutchley, Alex Laskiewicz, and Mason Walkden.

Rylands White Sharks u9 8 Pilks Recs u9 24

PLAYER-of-the-match James Tarpey crossed for both Sharks tries as a Warrington side struggled to overcome a well-drilled Pilks’ side.

Woolston u8 24 Rylands Tiger Sharks u8 16

A FULL-length try from Sharks player-of-the-match Matt Gartland was a prominence of a well-contested internal derby with other tries entrance from Thomas Ashurst, two, and Reece McGlynn.

Rylands Sharks u7 24 Halton Hornets u7 8

THE feverishness took a fee on both sides, though a Sharks were clever adequate to come out on tip with Oliver Garmston channel for 3 tries and while being good upheld by Freddie Ball, two, and Seb Baty.

Rylands Sharks u7 48 Halton Hornets u7 32

THE immature Sharks had adequate players to margin dual sides and cumulative dual wins with player-of-the-match Ryan Caley picking adult 4 tries, ably assisted by Jack Fallon, two, Evie-Rose Irving, two, Ollie Vere-Hoose, Conan Prescott and debutant Mikey Smith.

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