Six Nations: ‘Toughest loss’, says Matt Scott

CALCUTTA Cup improved strike Matt Scott tough though he tells Iain Morrison Scotland can be redeemed in Rome

THERE are a good many reasons to enviousness a veteran rugby actor his life and lifestyle, his money, his Jaguar and his holiday house, though versus adult to a press customarily days after carrying your backside kicked by England in front of millions is not one of them.

After several days of much-needed rest and rehab, for his essence and suggestion as most as his smashed body, Matt Scott still looks a small bombard shocked. He was behind during Murrayfield final week for some additional training, you’ll be gratified to hear, instead of removing a prevalent week off forward of a idle weekend in a Six Nations.

The centre’s first-ever start for Scotland came in a blue moon win over a Wallabies in Australia dual summers back. If that was a high point, final weekend was a low. Scott has been nipping over a 20-0 improved all week and, if he has finally managed to get it down, it’s satisfactory to contend that a Calcutta Cup opening still sits undigested and nervous in a array of his stomach.

“We got to a Heineken Cup semi-finals [with Edinburgh] in my initial deteriorate as a pro. You kind of think, ‘Oh, what’s all a bitch about, this being a veteran rugby player’s all right!’” says Scott. “But it’s a aged cliché, you’ll have some ups and downs, some genuine highs and some utterly thespian lows, and I’m utterly philosophical about a whole thing now. This is one of those lows and it’ll make me a improved actor for it.

“Personally, it was a toughest detriment we have been concerned in for a series of reasons. There was a concern of a game, a arise and a build-up. It is a diversion that your friends and family take some-more seductiveness in, so we don’t unequivocally wish to let them down.

“I found it tough to get over a game. Usually, I’m utterly a certain impression though we was flattering down for a integrate of days. we didn’t pronounce to my silent and dad, we customarily hid divided and kept myself to myself, that is substantially not a good thing to do.

“There was no grave sit-down [after a game], it was all flattering quiet, everybody customarily gets on with it, though it was a unequivocally terrible atmosphere. A dark atmosphere.

“There’s some-more to life than rugby, though we take it all unequivocally personally. For me, it was a initial knowledge like that we had had. we have not been concerned in a outcome where there has been such courtesy and inspection from a media and public. You kind of feel obliged for that.”

That isn’t a customarily thing. Scott was out of position for England’s initial try and missed a tackle on Jack Nowell for their second. He isn’t a form to arm himself with excuses though final Saturday was his initial start in any compare given branch out opposite Japan final November, when he pennyless his hand. It is a magnitude of Scott’s station within this patrol that he was frogmarched behind into a front line with customarily 15 mins opposite Ireland by approach of preparation. It is covenant to a revengeful inlet of Test-match rugby that he unsuccessful to paper over a cracks in his game.

“It was a tough one to come behind to, unequivocally tough customarily defending, defending, defending,” says Scott. “It customarily felt like we were doing that a whole game.

“To be fair, they had something like 20 set pieces in a 22 and we customarily conceded dual tries. It showed good solve that we didn’t concur some-more than that.”

Scott might be clutching during straws though there wasn’t most else to keep anyone’s spirits afloat after Saturday’s match. And that same solve that Scotland showed in a final entertain will be indispensable in Rome in subsequent week’s Wooden Spoon decider opposite Italy.

Two years ago, Andy Robinson roughly quiescent after Scotland unsuccessful to spin adult in Rome and went on to remove 13-6. It was a informed story with a Scots losing 6 of their 12 lineout throws, including a integrate of aggressive chances late in a game, and handling to make customarily 76 per cent of all their tackles. Last weekend’s execution rate of 80 per cent opposite England was marginally improved though still a prolonged approach off a winning percentage.

That has a dark significance, given a tackle execution rate is customarily seen as a flattering accurate barometer for a altogether mood of a squad, with low tackle execution equating to a low morale, though Scott insists otherwise.

“We set a smallest aim of 90 per cent,” says Scott. “I consider it [the problem] is some-more technical. If we didn’t consider a players were giving 110 per cent, I’d contend so.” He wouldn’t, of course, though for ideally fair reasons. “I don’t consider there is any emanate with a genius of a players. Just to be around them before a diversion and realize how ardent everybody is and how pumped adult everybody is, we meant it’s unequivocally a technical thing.

“I was substantially concerned in both of their tries and people contend we didn’t wish to make that tackle though it’s customarily not a case. If people knew what it’s like out there… Everyone is giving their all. we would never doubt a passion of a players.”

The Stadio Olimpico will be tighten to a 73,000 capacity, not slightest given a Italians smell blood and a Roman throng has always enjoyed a good massacre of a innocents. The Azzurri aim a Scottish compare any year and, while they have mislaid their final dual encounters, a hosts have not been beaten by Scotland in Rome given 2006. Moreover, Scotland’s miserable improved dual years ago will be on everyone’s minds, if customarily given a opening was roughly accurately a same as final weekend’s show. Scott was there on a day though customarily as a travelling reserve.

“I indeed remember going into a sauce room thereafter and there were boys crying. Everyone was customarily totally gutted and it was customarily a terrible place,” recalls a centre. “That’s because we mentioned pressure. The whole concern of that arise and a vigour of it being a Wooden Spoon decider customarily got to everyone.

“I consider there has customarily got to be a genius that we know we can play good rugby. Our certainty has taken a bit of a hole though a large importance this morning was ‘everyone get a grin on their face’. It’s hopefully going be a good day in Rome. It’s not going to be a complicated pitch. It’s not going to be lashing down with rain. Fingers crossed, we play with a bit of confidence, perplexing to put them underneath vigour with a ability rather than perplexing to catch their pressure.

“We customarily can’t be bogged down by violence ourselves adult too most after a England game. We’re used to it, it’s veteran sport. This happens week in, week out. We lose, we work out because and concentration on a subsequent game. That’s all we can do really.”


Rome record


SCOTLAND have not won in Rome given 2006 and have won customarily dual out of 7 in a Italian collateral given a Six Nations began.


2000: Italy 34 Scotland 20

Diego Dominguez, pictured, was a tormentor-in-chief, with Italy’s Argentina-born event kicking 29 points as Italy done a winning crawl in a Six Nations.


2002: Italy 12 Scotland 29

Scotland took a magnitude of punish dual years after when Brendan Laney enjoyed his excellent hour in a Scotland jersey, scoring 24 points.


2004: Italy 20 Scotland 14

Matt Williams’ Scotland crumbled in Rome en track to a Wooden Spoon. Roland de Marigny kicked 5 penalties for a hosts and Fabio Ongaro combined a try. Simon Webster’s late try was a small satisfaction for a Scots.


2006: Italy 10 Scotland 13

With Frank Hadden in charge, Scotland enjoyed their best-ever Six Nations campaign, winning 3 out of five. The customarily divided feat came in Rome interjection to Chris Paterson’s resolute late penalty.


2008: Italy 23 Scotland 20

A last-minute dump idea from Andrea Marcato cursed Scotland to improved though they avoided a Wooden Spoon on points disproportion interjection to an progressing win over England.


2010: Italy 16 Scotland 12

Pablo Canavosio scored a customarily try of a diversion though Andy Robinson’s Scotland dodged a Wooden Spoon interjection to a smashing win in Dublin and a dirty home pull with England.


2012: Italy 13 Scotland 6

Italy switched bottom from Stadio Flaminio to a bigger Stadio Olimpico and enjoyed a deserved win that left Scotland with a Wooden Spoon after 5 defeats.

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