Scotland validate for 2017 Rugby League World Cup

SCOTLAND have been postulated involuntary gift for a 2017 World Cup after a Rugby League International Federation have motionless that 7 of a quarter-finalists during a 2013 World Cup will not need to validate for a subsequent tournament, that will contain 14 teams and will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

The exceptions are a United States Tomahawks, who competent for a initial time in 2013 and pulled off dissapoint wins over Wales and a Cook Islands to strech a knockout stages though are not full members of a RLIF.

The Tomahawks contingency also solve a problems outset from carrying dual opposition domestic competitions though will still have a possibility to book their outing to Australasia around a Americas subordinate tournament.

Scotland, underneath long-serving manager Steve McCormack, were another of a important successes of 2013 RLWC after going by their organisation dominant to acquire a assembly with holders New Zealand in a final eight.

The Bravehearts, who have risen to 11th in a latest universe rankings, kick Tonga and a United States and drew with Italy to book their place in a quarter-finals, where they went down 40-4 to a Kiwis during Headingley.

The other involuntary qualifiers are holders Australia, New Zealand, England, Fiji, France and Samoa, who have also competent for a 2014 Four Nations Series to be hold Down Under this autumn.

Ireland, who were in a “group of death” in 2013 alongside England, Australia and Fiji, contingency qualify, along with Wales and Papua New Guinea, who also unsuccessful to win a compare final time.

The remaining 7 places in a pull will be comparison from subordinate tournaments opposite 4 regions – 3 from Europe, dual around Asia Pacific, one from a Americas and another from Middle-East Africa.

All 4 regions will exhibit their gift programmes by Oct and a final make-up of a 2017 World Cup will be famous by 1 December, 2016.

RLIF authority Nigel Wood said: “The 2017 World Cup looks set to be a many geographically different in a history.

“The excitement, on a behind of a personification success of a 2013 contest when a organisation stages, especially, gave us some smashing contests and new names and stars to support, is already evident.

“There is a roar by existent and determined nations to be enclosed and a routine is now clear, estimable and gives a RLIF and those competing plenty time to build a gift games into noted and suggestive events.”

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