Woman with Hulk immature breasts, squalid rugby joining barrow birds, slapping …


1) COUPLE of engaging revelations from Kevin Locke when he’s quizzed during a sharp-witted fans’ forum on BBC Radio Manchester’s Rugby League Extra. First adult a friendly Salford full-back reveals his best time for a 100m is 10.98, clocked when he was a schoolkid. Rapid. And secondly his pre-match damned is to shake hands with teammates afterwards slap a seventh one opposite a face. Probably correct not to try that with Gareth Hock or Rangi Chase, Kevin.


2) LOCKE’s gait is going to assistance make a Red Devils backline severely discerning subsequent season. Mason Caton-Brown showed opposite Huddersfield he’s got some correct wheels and Ben Jones-Bishop, substantially a many superb contestant in Super League, will be backing adult alongside them. Prepare a speed guns, officers. And while we’re on a theme of pace, check out this rah sevens winger Carlin Isles personification for a USA. He’s now during Glasgow Warriors yet nonetheless to play a game. Hilariously fast.



3) THIS blog isn’t all about large lads in parsimonious shorts. Take myself down to a Royal Academy on London’s Piccadilly this week to check out a Summer Exhibition. I’m quite taken with a tiger’s conduct that looks like it’s done out of barrow mixtures (£21,000) and a 3D mural of a lady with Hulk-green breasts (£80,000). Then we mark a catalog entrance ‘Eccles Sunrise’. Have to check it out. we lived in a good bishopric of Eccles for several years when we was a youth journal contributor covering Salford and Swinton. My possess Eccles sunrises were possibly spent in a skip or entrance home from a night during a Silver Screen nightclub in a city centre. The Eccles Sunrise during a Royal Academy is a timber cast by Neil Bousfield costing £240. There’s a bloke with dual whippets (promising) yet they’re on a beach with sea in a background. Not a Eccles we remember. Sadly, a bit of Googling reveals a cast is partial of a ‘Living in Norfolk’ array and there’s a place called Eccles Beach there. Shame.


4) MORE rumblings about Coventry hosting subsequent year’s Magic Weekend. Please God no. Stadium’s decent adequate yet there’s sod all around it – unless we count a Carphone Warehouse and Clinton Cards as partial of your Magic experience. It’s also a cab float from a city centre. Looks like Man City’s Etihad Stadium will be out of finish due to building work. And while it’s lovely to see Coventry Bears entering a Championship, that’s not adequate to consequence a weekend during a Ricoh Arena.


5) CHECK out DIY, one of Brighton’s many listings magazines. There’s a examination of a new Manic Street Preachers album, Futurology, that is described as ‘a genuine disappointment’. Name of a reviewer is Greg Inglis. Nice to see a Rabbitohs, Queensland and Kangaroos luminary has a bit of gangling time when he’s not terrorising opponents.


6) MY sagacious confederate is sprawled on a building examination a Wakefield v Leeds highlights with me when he clocks a teenager fact I’d missed. Referee Matt Thomason sports a tattoo on his right bicep. We rewind and postponement to determine and find sadly it’s not one that says ‘I adore mum’ or even ‘I adore Rhinos’ yet some-more of a deceptive Celtic design. Now on a surveillance to see if Matt is a usually whistler with some inkwork.


7) SOME good quotes from Ben Jeffries who’ll lapse to a English diversion when he joins Leigh in Dec on a two-year deal. The former Wakefield and Bradford half-back, 34, has been removing bashed about during Kurri Kurri Bulldogs in a Newcastle RL comp (the genuine NRL as their Twitter feed boasts). Jeffries says: “There’s a few thugs in there who only wish to strike your conduct off and we don’t trust footy should be played like that. You have guys using off a sideline to strike players and people fighting in a stands. You don’t confront this arrange of things as a professional. we theory I’ve been safeguarded for a prolonged time.”


8) ATELEA Vea will do good with a bigger form in Super League. Vea’s a charismatic bloke and his pierce to Saints from London should give him some-more exposure. A integrate of papers ran news of his switch this week yet have to stop job him a prop. It’s a mistake we initial done given he wears a series 8 on his back. London manager Joey Grima forked me in a right instruction final time we spoke. “Nah mate, he’s a second rower. Runs out wide.” Smashes people too. Look brazen to saying him in a red vee.

Vea factor: Saints have snapped adult a London Broncos second row


9) JAMIE Peacock emails this week to contend his training stay during London Skolars subsequent month won’t go ahead. Huge contrition as it’s one of a initial dates to go in my diary. He’s penetrating to run one subsequent summer down south so on interest of a Sussex Merlins traveller house – come to Brighton. Two days of skills by a sea and a pledge of heaps of my son’s rabid, violent, loopy six-year-old pals holding part.


10) GREAT pic of Skolars youth Perez Miguel below. Perez was photographed during a club’s minis and juniors awards day. He’s a nephew of manager Joe Mbu so has some initial category footsteps to follow.


11) MEETING a bloke from Brisbane on Sunday. He’s called Bradford. If we can't strike adult a review within 60 seconds with Bradford from Brisbane about a Broncos we will mount in a center of Headingley and let Jamie Peacock conflict me regularly with a cricket bat as Gareth Hock relates a flamethrower to my genitals. Watch this space.


12) I’VE seen and listened a destiny – and we like it. Once again State of Origin TV coverage raises a bar with some startling behind-the-scenes footage from a third diversion during Suncorps Stadium. There’s a good discuss with Freddie Fittler interviewing New South Wales manager Laurie Daley where he reveals he was done to dress as a lady by his 7 sisters. The chaff between a span is comfortable and so, so relaxed. Then we cut to Daley articulate strategy with his Blues side in a sauce room. Difference here is microphones are switched on as Daley talks in front of a whiteboard, mentioning a hazard of Cameron Smith and Sam Thaiday. It’s jaw-dropping during first, roughly too good to be true. It’s 14 years given Rugby League Raw offering brutally candid, sweary views from a sauce bedrooms yet this is something else. The biggest sporting eventuality in Australia uncovered. Imagine a FA Cup Final with identical entrance or conference what Jose Mourinho has to contend as he bleats to his Chelsea millionaires. we know in a past a BBC have pushed for audio to enrich their camera shots pre-match and during half-time and come adult opposite a section wall. With Sky’s lane record for creation and technical value in a diversion they contingency be beating their lips. Time to pull on again. Rugby joining can lead a way.


13) HOW most time have we got to rubbish today? An hour? More? Time to decoction up, mangle out a Penguins multi-pack and check out all a smashing covers from 400 issues of Rugby League World and Open Rugby. From a really initial black and white bid by Des Drummond posters to some mucky-looking RL barrow birds (a ‘where are they now?’ underline certainly – yet they’re substantially in Rochdale). There are some genuine gems to be found. Congratulations to a mag and all who cruise in her and go here to rubbish divided your day.





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