Irish rugby good Tony Ward reveals conflict with cancer

Irish rugby good Tony Ward has suggested his conflict with cancer.

The 59-year-old former fly half who played for Munster and Leinster got a diagnosis dual years and has now come out about how tough it has been for him in a bid to save lives.

The dad-of-four’s matrimony was separating during his health struggle.

Ward, who has 19 caps for Ireland and represented a Lions, found out from his alloy that he had prostate cancer in a open of 2012.

He said: “I began to notice that we indispensable to go to a toilet some-more often

“It seemed like zero sinister, and we did zero about it.

“That’s standard of men.

“It takes a unwavering bid by group to check on their health- it’s all about that macho hunter nonsense that we are above vulnerability.

“My alloy gave me an investigation and immediately beheld something was wrong.”

The pundit took a blood exam to check his Prostate Specific Antigen level, that can be a pointer of a swelling or carcenogenic growth.

He said: “I was told by my consultant that we was off a scale when it came to my PSA.

“The cancer had widespread from my prostate like extract trickling out of an orange, and it was a sincerely destructive form of it.”

When Tony went to a alloy it was his initial vist in 6 years.

Ward played soccer for Limerick United and Shamrock Rovers.

“Throughout my life we have tended to get disturbed about a many diminutive irritants.

“And then, when we was faced with a life and genocide emanate we managed to get things in perspective.

“My response was- hey, c’est la vie. It’s another challenge.

“It’s like perplexing to get on a Irish team, or perplexing to win a match.

“You couldn’t contend that a highlight of subdivision caused my cancer, though it positively didn’t help.”

Tony speedy anyone to go and vist their alloy to get themselves checked.

He combined in an talk with a Irish Independent: “The choice doesn’t bear meditative about.”

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